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Aaron; I thought I'd drop you a note as I can't say I put too much effort into the evaluation form. I was worn out!! Also, it took me a few days to reflect on what I learned and made my own.

It struck me yesterday when I took my Z1000 to lunch that I had a new confidence in a bike that I never thought handled very well. Screwdriver hands and applying power sooner in the turn really helped. I realize now that I have been coasting through the first 10-20% of my turns. If successful instruction causes a change in behavior then I think the class was a success.

If I had to sum up my cornerspeed experience in one word, it would be "intense". We were basically non stop from about 8am to about 6pm. I havn't sweated that much since my bicycling rides last summer. Tuesday one of my employees, also a sportbike rider, asked me if I had fun. I paused before answering and told him yes it was fun but so much more. I have to say my feelings are more of satisfaction, accomplishment and the excitement of looking forward to the next track day to put these ideas and techniques to work.

The passion that you and your instructors show for the sport is very evident and carries though with the enthusiasm you bring to your presentations. Your impersonations were corny but my friend Jason and I enjoyed them.

Time and money permitting, you should see me at a cornerspin this fall. There are some demons from a get off last June that I believe this course could help banish. (Gravel in a blind right corner and a screwed up recovery)

Thanks again to you and the staff for a great day. _John F.
First off, I would like to thank you for assuring me a slot into Mondays class on such short notice. I also wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class. You and your rider coaches/trainers, where really professional, down to earth, and I feel as if I can speak for everyone when I say that you and your staff demonstrated that you/they, really cared about everyone's success and progress throughout the day. I am a late bloomer into the racing scene, and I know that I will never be a AMA Pro Racer, but I can say that you proved that you can teach an old dog new tricks. LOL.... I am an instructor of MC riding myself, but on a extremely lower/basic level. I see a lot of kids coming thru the course that want to ride the high performance sport bikes and talk about racing, I can assure you, I will refer them to your class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot. Hopefully, I will be joining your Cornerspin school in the near future, after hearing you talk about this class this past Monday, you have got me really interested in it. Once again, thank you and please thank your staff for everything. _Jeff S.
I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the way you conduct your business. In the two short years I have been in this sport I have dealt with many vendors for all-things motorcycle. Hands down you beat them all in terms of your responsiveness to telephone and e-mail correspondence, the quality of the product you supply (i.e. your schools), the venues you secure, the on and off track support provided by your instructors and your personality.

In my own experience, although disappointing, I fell during the mock race at the first school with you. You stuck to your rules and laid out the options for me to come back and graduate. I have to say I was angry at first but on reflection that was due to me falling not to you sticking to your rules. I respect you and value my diploma all the more the way things turned out.
You can count on me as a regular at your schools and events. Thanks again Aaron, you do a great job and it is appreciated! I can't wait for level 2. _ Stephen
I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I enjoyed the time at the track and in class. I have ridden motorcycles for 20 years and have ridden hard in the street (when I was younger, I rode stupid on the street). BUT; I have never had as much fun and felt as safe and free to push myself to see exactly what my abilities were. By the 4th session my knee had touched the ground and it was a great rush for me. By the end of the day I was using it for a reference through turns1+2 also up the hill in 7. I never knew that I could do that for sure. I thank you for your class and helping with the confidence and unanswered questions that I had about the abilities of myself and my bike (Superhawk). I went home and immediately started working on my Ascot. You will see me at the track often as I will continue to learn the track on my Superhawk until my Ascot is race ready then you will see me at the races. Thanks again for your class , enthusiasm, and willingness to help other motorcycle lovers.
God Bless__Greg D.
I can't tell you how much I not only enjoyed the class, but discovered what a top-notch school you all put on. The track time was so valuable in the school, that Saturday and Sunday I cut 10 seconds off my laps times both days. I had pre-registered with another school and cancelled to take your school. I am glad I decided to take your school instead. And, being the only girl there, I didn't feel nervous, threatened, or out of place. You and your instructors did an excellent job of making me feel like "one of the gang" and also helping me even though I was part of the slower group. Your instructors, and yourself, get an A+ in my book. I can't thank you enough!!!! I will recommend your school to all!_Laura G.
Thanks again for a great experience. The lessons learned in your school has been of more benefit to me than any of the other schools I have taken. Also, thanks for the advice about computrack. It has made a world of difference on the GSXR 1000, not to mention my riding. It has been money very well spent. Thanks._Steve D.
I had a great time. The school was awesome!!! It helped me to build more confidence in my riding. __ Jim P.
Aaron, Thanks for your time and words of wisdom and patience at VIR this past Monday. It was a fantastic experience for me and one which I hope to repeat soon. I only wish I had done it sooner.__Woody A.
Aaron, Just wanted to thank you for making my first, (and definitely not last) track experience a total blast! I was the slow girl on the red ex500. Honestly, I had the time of my life and truly appreciate you taking the time to give Lori and I special instruction. I've only been riding less than two years so the prospect of riding on a track, let alone hanging off the bike, seemed like something that would never happen. I went home exhausted yet 10x more confident and comfortable. I rode at my own pace and had so much fun, that speed didn't matter. I learned a ton about cornering and body positioning, something you can't really learn on the street. Thanks again, Stacey B.
Aaron, just a quick note to thank you for what was probably the most fun I've ever had on a street bike. The class exceeded all my expectations and the weather turned out to be perfect. I was impressed with the detail of instruction and relieved that I was able to soak it all in. The amount of track time was also great. Another thing that was great was the variety of instructors, especially Lee Acree. That guy is on another level. Thanks again for an educational and great day. P.S. I will be back to VIR soon.__Dave T.
I can honestly say I got faster and smoother throughout the day at your class. The reference points and lines is where I have most of my trouble, but actually following you and your instructor James at a pace more suited to me really helped with that. I know one thing, the information you were giving us all must have been working, because I noticed the other guys really getting faster as the day went on. Keep me updated on any schools/trackdays you have coming up regardless of the track. Thanks._Jim F.

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What the trackday riders are saying
Best track day ever. It was awesome being on track with Scott Carpenter and Larry Pegram. Really awesome.__Kelley P. (From 8/10/09 track day)
Hey Aaron, thank you for a fantastic day at the track. Monday was a great day from the riders meeting on. Had a blast. 7 sessions with about 10 laps per session, can't get any better. Brian and I both had a blast, Scott R. attended the class and has not stopped talking about it. He is ready to come back. Will try for the June 2nd event. Can't wait. Again thanks for all that you do. I have learned more in the past year riding with you guys than ever before. Thanks.__Jerry L.
Thanks again Aaron for a wonderful track day. I enjoyed riding and got plenty of track time.__Jeffrey H.
I thought the track day went off awesome. You guys do it right!__Tom H.
Mr. Stevenson, I was at VIR on Monday. I was not apart of your school (I was in the intermediate group) but I was impressed with the way you conducted business. I was even more impressed with your prayer at the riders meeting. You set an outstanding example for all those riders. If I can ever be of service, let me know. Keep up the great work, and blessings to you__ Pastor Carlton M.
My friends and I had a great time on the North Course monday. I'm sending the check today for two of us to return for the next track day. Thanks for everything.__Jim D.
Aaron, you and your staff at the VIR Track Day on the 14th were outstanding. The class room sessions combined with the on track follow the leader pointers were invaluable. I learned a lot and came out of there with a whole laundry list of things on which to work. What a rush. I hope to make it back soon.
__Carl N.

I've known Aaron for many years. We've ridden many miles together both on and off the track. As a rider, I'm impressed by his continued development and how smooth he rides. As an instructor, he's very thorough and conscientious with all that he teaches.__Kurt Hall, 16 time WERA National Champion, former lead rider Team Valvoline Suzuki Endurance
I would like to thank Aaron Stevenson for running our trackday on April 23rd. Aaron ran the whole day very smoothly. To give all riders the maximum amount of track time, Aaron went out of his way to have morning classes with the street class guys to help these riders gain more confidence in getting around the North course at VIR. I highly recommend his organization in running future trackdays!__Lonnie Martin on behalf of the YZF-R1 Forum

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