Cornerspeed Pro-Rider Workshop

Scott CarpenterThe Cornerspeed (Level 2) Pro-Rider Workshop is individualized instruction with AMA Pro Scott Carpenter. You work all day one-on-one with your own Pro!

This workshop takes up where the first school left off. This more advanced school will focus on braking; deep braking while maintaining a high corner speed and trail braking without sacrificing corner speed. The other aspects of this school are throttle control; not just early application but why and when, weight transfer; how to's and whys and chassis control through rider input and throttle input(s). This is just an overview. There is more. NOTE: We highly recommend that you are familiar with the track/circuit on which you take this course. i.e. If you have never ridden the North Course at V.I.R., you really NEED know the track layout before registering for this course. If not, you will be struggling to do the drills while memorizing the circuit lay-out.

Completion of Cornerspeed Riderschool (Level 1) or another accredited school is required before this course can be taken. We suggest a minimum of 5-7 track days after your first school before registering for this course. PLEASE NOTE: We highly recommend doing the Cornerspin school BEFORE doing the Pro-Rider Workshop because you'll be riding and pushing near or at your limit. The Cornerspin school will prepare you for riding at that level.

Not part of the normal curriculum; HOWEVER, If you wish to take the race accreditation written test, you must arrange this prior to the school date. You are responsible for studying all flags and etiquette on your own. We will only administer the test. Successful complete will gain you a letter to your desired federation/organization for you to obtain a racing license.

Base cost is $625. Subject to track and instructor availability.

TUITION INCLUDES (but not limited to):
Student Handbook, t-shirt, snacks, water bottle, Red Bull™(s), and lunch.


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